Medical Data Mining: the pilot of medical data analysis in the era of big data

                                                     Xiong-Zhi Wu

    Clinical databases have accumulated large quantities of information about patients and their medical conditions. Current challenges in biomedical research and clinical practice include information overload and the need to optimize workflows, processes and guidelines, to increase capacity while reducing costs and improving efficiency. There is an urgent need for integrative and interactive machine learning solutions, because no medical doctor or biomedical researcher can keep pace today with the increasingly large and complex data sets – often called “Big Data”.

Medical Data Mining provides an overview on interactive and integrative solutions for knowledge discovery and data mining. It is the premier academic journal providing an opportunity for researchers and scientist to explore the latest advancements and the research done in bioinformatics and data mining along with all the relevant fields connecting each other. It provides a resource collecting relevant common methods and techniques and a forum for unifying the diverse constituent research communities. 

The journal is open access aiming to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the advanced and very latest research topics related to the recent advancements in medical research and clinical practice studies. It has archived articles focusing the most advanced research trends in the field of Meta-analysis, Network Pharmacology, Bioinformatics (eg. omics research), Public Database Analysis, Epidemiology, Big Data Analysis, Chinese medicine data mining, Real World Research, Medical Statistics, Biomedical Mathematical Model, Neural Network and Computer Deep Learning and Other medical or biomedical data mining-related fields. We sincerely look forward to a long and successful partnership with you, and our authors and readers warmly welcome the active participation of domestic and international experts with background of traditional medicine in the production of our journal. We are eager to hear your suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to write to us at or about anything, at any time.


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