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Bio-characteristic profiling related to clinic: A new technology platform for quality evaluation of Chinese materia medic
Li-Na Wen, Ai-Ting Wang, Na Guo, Yumei Han, Can Yan, Dan Yan
6TMR Modern Herbal Medicine    2019, 2 (4): 215-224.
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Quality evaluation is a bottleneck restricting the modernization and internationalization of Chinese materia medica (CMM). Due to characteristics of multi-component, multi-efficacy, multi-target, the existing quality evaluation system still cannot fully meet quality control needs of CMM. Hence, the author put forward “Bio-characteristic profiling related to clinic, BPRC” academic concept, meanwhile, fully take the advantage of analysis method with clinical monitoring superiority or profiling characteristics, build up "BPRC" new technology platform, in order to realize “real-time, dynamic and full-range monitoring” new technologies of CMM quality evaluation system and promote the further development of CMM industry.
Similarity measurement of Chinese medicine ingredients for cold-hot nature identification
Guo-Hui Wei, Xian-Jun Fu, Zhen-Guo Wang
6TMR Modern Herbal Medicine    2019, 2 (4): 183-191.
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Objective: Nature theory of Chinese medicine (CM) is the core basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which cold-hot nature is the focus of research. Studies have found that CM ingredients are the material basis for the production of medicine natures. Therefore, it is speculated that CMs with similar composition of substances should have similar medicinal nature. Modern work studies cold-hot medicine of CMs with chemical fingerprinting technology because the chemical fingerprint data of CM can reflect the whole composition of CM ingredients. Methods: To verify the hypothesis above, in this work, we study quantifying the similarity of CM ingredients to fingerprint similarity, and explore the relationship between the composition of CMs and cold-hot nature. Firstly, we utilize ultraviolet (UV) spectrum technology to analyze 61 CMs, which have clear cold-hot nature (including 30 ‘cold’ CMs and 31 ‘hot’ CMs). Secondly, with the constructed fingerprint database of CMs, a distance metric learning algorithm is studied to metric the similarity of UV fingerprints. Finally, a retrieval scheme is proposed to build a predictive identification model to identify cold-hot nature of CMs. Results: By means of numerous experiment analyses, ultraviolet spectrum data of petroleum ether solvent can better represent CMs to distinguish between cold and hot natures. Comparing with existing classical models, the proposed identification scheme has better predictive performance. Conclusion: The experimental results prove our inference that CMs with similar composition of substances should have similar medicinal nature. The proposed prediction model is proved to be effective and feasible.
Clinical analysis of the delivery outcomes of women with abnormal uterus
Jin-Fang Hu, Yan-Fang He, Jun Xin
5TMR Clinical Research    2019, 2 (4): 165-170.
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Objective: To guide the pregnancy and delivery of patients with abnormal uterus through analyzing the delivery outcomes of them. Methods: A total of 32 pregnant cases with abnormal uterus were collected in the North China University of Science and Technology Affiliated Hospital from 2011 to 2018. 7615 cases with normal uterus who visited the hospital and delivered during the same period were also collected. The rate of abnormal fetal position, premature rupture of membranes, premature delivery, postpartum complications, and caesarean section, were compared between the two groups by the χ2 test through SPSS. P values less than 0.05 were considered statistically significant. Results: There were significant differences in abnormal fetal position, premature rupture of membranes, premature delivery and spontaneous birth rate between the two groups (P < 0.05), but there was no significant difference in the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage between the two groups (P > 0.05). In the cause of cesarean section, there was significant difference in abnormal fetal position and scarred uterus (P < 0.05), but no significant difference in placenta previa and other causes (P > 0.05). Conclusion: Abnormal fetal position, premature rupture of membranes and premature delivery are more likely to occur in pregnant women with abnormal uterus than in normal ones. The rate of cesarean section in patients with abnormal uterus is significantly higher than that of normal uterus, due to the main reason of abnormal fetal position. Abnormal uterus is a high-risk factor for pregnant women, and patients with abnormal uterus should be strengthened the management of pregnancy and relaxed the indications of cesarean section.

Anti-aging theory of quantum nature and brain reprogramming
Yurii Pozniak
90Life Research    2019, 2 (3): 113-118.
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As many scientists believe, human aging is a very important part of the program of life-human activity rather than a disease. The human brain may be the controller, performer and participant of the natural program of life-human activity, from birth to death. The program of life-activities of the brain and the human body is very similar to a conventional computer program and it may also be malfunctioning. The work of the natural program of life-activity resembles the work of AI. Each program of life-activity of an individual is repeatedly subjected to natural correction of program tasks in the life of a biophysical being. However, in recent years, scientists from different countries began to seek to reprogram the brain and find the real cause of death. Some biologists and evolutionists believe that this process is nonrandom and that it is controlled by a kind of “death program.” So they call a special set of genes, forcing the body to become decrepit and die, giving way to a new generation of their own kind. The aim of our work is to design new technologies and methods to adjust the life-activity programs from biophysical views, increasing the useful life of bodies by delaying destructive processes and the aging process. Our life-activity program is carried out through the device and IT programs in a mobile application, using contact/contactless frequency code effects on the brain, which is decoded and accepted by the human brain for execution (reprogramming), as a natural addition and an integral part of the brain work. Code programs are compiled according to the working algorithms of the Cosmo-terrestrial structure of life-activity of biophysical objects on the planet Earth. Our technology is one of the varieties of brain-computer technology.

Analysis of the Relationship between PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway and Insomnia of Liver Depression Syndrome
Yun-Qiao Wang, Meng Xia, Xiao Jiang
Precision Medicine Research    2019, 1 (2): 32-36.
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Some studies have shown that the co-morbidity of insomnia and anxiety and depression is very prominent, among which 70% of anxiety patients are accompanied by sleep disorders, which is commonly referred to as insomnia of liver depression syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine. The etiology and pathogenesis of traditional Chinese medicine is liver-qi discomfort, and soothing liver and relieving depression should be taken as the basic treatment method and treatment principle. By sorting out the relevant literature on PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, the relationship between PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and depression and insomnia was sorted out, and the possible mechanism of Liver-soothing and Depression-Relieving therapy for insomnia of liver-depression syndrome was found

Acupuncture preconditioning protects against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury mediated apoptosis through miR-214/NCX1 activation: a hypothesis
Hai-Long Fan, Yu-Lan Ren, Li-Zhen Yang, Fei Wu
1Traditional Medicine Research    2019, 4 (4): 178-183.
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This review provides evidences for the recommendation of acupuncture preconditioning at Neiguan (PC6) point in coronary heart disease patients as a non-pharmacological therapeutic method to activate the miR-214/NCX1 pathway.


The concept of acupuncture preconditioning is described in the ancient book of Fan Wang Fang (Eastern Jin Dynasty of China). It refers to the application of acupuncture before the occurrence of disease or when the disease is relatively mild. According to the record of the ancient book of Huang Di Nei Jing (Qin Han Period of China, 475 B.C.-221 B.C.), acupuncture at Neiguan (PC6) point can prevent and treat angina pectoris in coronary heart disease (CHD). The WHO also recommends acupuncture as one of the alternative and complementary therapies for the prevention and treatment of angina pectoris in CHD.


Early reperfusion of ischemic cardiac tissue is usually the best option to improve clinical outcome of angina pectoris, especially of acute myocardial infarction. However, myocardial reperfusion may cause an abnormal increase of intracellular Ca2+-mediated cardiomyocyte death and consequent loss of cardiac function, which is referred to myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury. Recently, the microRNA-214 (miR-214)/Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCX) 1 co-expression is a key factor in cellular protection against myocardial apoptosis for myocardial I/R injury. Once activated, miR-214/NCX1 axis can inhibit several Ca2+ downstream signaling effectors that mediate cell death simultaneously. Studies have shown that acupuncture preconditioning has a protective effect on myocardial I/R injury, but its mechanism deserves further research. It has been proved that acupuncture preconditioning for ischemic myocardium successfully inhibit multiple Ca2+ handling related microRNAs that mediate cell death pathways, and miR-214 is one of its targets. In terms of clinical practice, coronary heart disease (CHD) patients benefit a lot from this intervention. However, there is barely no study correlating acupuncture preconditioning to the miR-214/NCX1 co-expression in patients with CHD. This review aims to discuss whether there is some evidence to justify a recommendation of acupuncture preconditioning in CHD patients as a non-pharmacological therapeutic method to activate the miR-214/NCX1 co-expression network model.

The association between craniofacial gene and oncogene
Haoran Zhang, Xinxiao Lu, Xiongzhi Wu
90Life Research    2018, 1 (1): 2-8.
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As early as 2000 years ago, ancient Chinese medical records had described the relationship between diseases and appearance in detail. Moreover, modern medicine has also constantly studied the relationship between facial features and health in evolutionary terms. It is well known that many hereditary diseases involve certain abnormal facial features and gene mutations. The tumor is also considered as genetic disorder to some extent, so what is the relationship between cancer genetics and congenital development of facial features? Here, we reviewed some clues to the appearance-gene-tumor relation, which might become the targets in the early prevention or gene therapy of cancer in the future. This summary provided us a new strategy for the cancer genetic screening and a new research direction for genetic diagnosis of the potential disease.

Whether Chinese physiognomy has scientific basis?
Life Research editorial group
90Life Research    2018, 1 (1): 30-31.
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贾鲁栋, 李扬滔
经典中医研究    2019, 2 (2): 31-34.
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过敏性鼻炎发病率呈逐年上升趋势,已成为严重影响人类健康及生活质量的隐患之一。 过敏性鼻炎多病情迁延不愈,反复发作。本文从伏邪和六经理探讨过敏性鼻炎的治疗。
林心然, 李元文, 李姝燏, 翟玉燕, 蔡玲玲
经典中医研究    2019, 2 (2): 40-43.
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玫瑰痤疮是以肺经风热,脾经湿热为主之皮肤病,治疗上以疏风散热,健脾祛湿为主要 原则,辅以清热解毒、活血祛瘀,疗效显著。
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