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Uremic clearance granule combined with Alprostadil in the treatment of chronic renal failure: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Jing Gan, Ya-fang Guo, Dong-dong Li, Zi-zheng Zhou, Jia-bao Zhou, Jian-dong Gao
4TMR Theory and Hypothesis. 2019, 2 (3): 195-203.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMRTH201903001
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Objective: To evaluate whether the combination of Uremic clearance granule with Alprostadil is
superior to Alprostadil alone for CRF. Methods: Relevant RCTs were searched through March 2019.
Data were analyzed by Stata 15.0. Results: Nine articles involving 726 patients were enrolled in
this study. Meta-analysis showed that the total effective rate [OR = 3.68 (2.44, 5.55), P < 0.001], Scr
[SMD = -2.34 (-3.49, -1.19), P < 0.001], BUN [SMD = -1.80 (-2.73, -0.87), P < 0.001], Ccr [SMD
= 0.71 (0.44, 0.97), P < 0.001] were better in the experimental group. But there were no significant
difference in UA, CysC, 24h-Upro and incidence of adverse reactions (all P > 0.05) between two
groups. No serious adverse reactions were found. Conclusions: The effect of the integrated medicine
on CRF was better than Alprostadil alone. Uremic clearance granule is safe and has no obvious
adverse reactions.
A preliminary study on the properties of red traditional Chinese medicine
Jing-Ma Zhou, Yuan Li
4TMR Theory and Hypothesis. 2019, 2 (3): 204-211.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMRTH201903002
Abstract ( 51 )     PDF (543KB) ( 27 )  
Objective: From the aspect of meridian tropism, this paper makes a preliminary discussion on
the medicinal properties of red traditional Chinese medicine belonging to the heart meridian,
with a view to providing a reference for the further study of the relationship between the color of
traditional Chinese medicine and its medicinal properties.
Method: Based on clinical practice and modern pharmacology, pharmacochemistry and other
research, this paper analyzed the material basis of red traditional Chinese medicine belonging to the
heart meridian.
Result: Finally, it was found that most of the chemical constituents of red traditional Chinese
medicine were flavonols, and their pharmacological effects were related to cardiovascular system.
Conclusion: Red Chinese medicine belonging to the heart meridian has a certain theoretical basis
and modern research basis, which can provide a reference to the further study of the relationship
between color and drug properties of Chinese medicine in the future.
Principle and operation of Jing-well point temperatures' test
Li-Hao Chen
4TMR Theory and Hypothesis. 2019, 2 (3): 212-218.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMRTH201903003
Abstract ( 52 )     PDF (514KB) ( 16 )  
Principle and operation of Jing-well point temperatures' test method is a method to diagnose and
treat diseases by measuring and comparing the symmetrical Jing-well point temperature of human
body 12 meridians.It is an important supplement to traditional Chinese medicine four diagnoses.
The theoretical basis are that the Jing-well is closely related to Meridians and Viscera, the basic
traditional Chinese medicine principle of 'governing exterior to infer interior' and the balancing
phenomenon of Meridians. In this paper, the operation steps and treatment measures of Jing-well
point temperatures' test method are put forward, and 2 successful cases are given. At the end of this
paper, the prospect of this method is discussed.
Discussion on the clinical significance of moxibustion in improving cancer pain
Xian-man Wei, Dong-xin Tang, Feng-xi Long, Qian Deng, Han Shao, Zhu Yang
4TMR Theory and Hypothesis. 2019, 2 (3): 219-224.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMRTH201903004
Abstract ( 34 )     PDF (416KB) ( 12 )  
In clinic, most patients with middle-late cancer suffer from cancer pain, which seriously affects
the confidence and compliance of treatment. However, the side effects of the three-step analgesic
therapy, which is widely used at present, are gradually manifested, aggravating patients' resistance
to treatment. The role of Moxibustion in relieving pain has been gradually recognized and used in
various professional fields. Because of its advantages of non-toxic side effects, simple operation,
economic benefits, pain relief and immunity enhancement, moxibustion has been paid more and
more attention.
The mechanism and traditional Chinese medicine research of bone destruction and hypercalcemia in multiple myeloma
Xue Wang
4TMR Theory and Hypothesis. 2019, 2 (3): 225-228.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMRTH201903005
Abstract ( 41 )     PDF (272KB) ( 23 )  
Multiple myeloma is a malignant proliferative disease of plasma cells. Its main feature is the
malignant proliferation of monoclonal plasma cells and the secretion of a large number of
monoclonal immunoglobulins. Because of the uncontrolled proliferation, extensive infiltration
of malignant plasma cells, and the appearance and deposition of a large number of monoclonal
immunoglobulins, normal polyclonal plasma cell proliferation and polyclonal immunoglobulin
secretion are inhibited. It can cause extensive bone destruction, hypercalcemia, repeated infection,
renal insufficiency, high viscosity syndrome and other clinical manifestations, which can alsolead
to adverse consequences.In view of these unique clinical manifestations and pathological features
of multiple myeloma, we systematically expounded the pathological characteristics of multiple
myeloma and the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine from extensive bone destruction and
hypercalcemia on the basis of Chinese and Western medicine. In order to provide theoretical support
and clinical guidance for the treatment of multiple bone marrow tumors with bone destruction and

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