Special Issues FAQ

Special Issues FAQ

How do I choose a topic for my proposal?

You should choose a topic close to your own research interests. The topic of the Special Issue must be of increasing interest within your field and within the scope of TMR Cancer . It should be broad enough to attract a reasonable number of submissions, but narrow enough to provide a cohesive collection of articles. Special Issues often focus on a recent advance in the field, or an emerging societal challenge. If you have noticed a surge in interest in a particular subject at recent conferences, this is a good sign that a related proposal will generate significant interest.

How do I find co-Guest Editors?

After submitting your proposal, TMR Cancer  can help you assess potential collaborators. Guest Editors should be recognized experts in their fields and should be geographically distributed. We prefer that Guest Editors be affiliated with major research institutes and have a reasonable number of well-cited publications related to the topic of the Special Issue. Of course, Guest Editors should have sufficient time to commit to the editorial role, so we ask that no Guest Editor works on more than two Special Issues at the same time. The full team must have 3–5 Editors, including the Lead Guest Editor.


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