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7Drug Combination Therapy  2019, Vol. 1 Issue (3)
Editor-in-Chief of Special Issue on Network Pharmacology
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Dr. Yong-Hua Wang is working as a Professor and Doctoral supervisor in Northwest University, China. Dr. Wang also serves as the vice president of the National Medicine Information and Big Data Branch, the director of Network Pharmacology Society, etc.


Dr. Wang focuses on the research of systems pharmacology and technology application in the past decades. He has published 110 SCI papers. Among them, 49 SCI papers (in the past five years) were published in Science (special issue of ethnomedicine), Brief Bioinform, Bioinformatics, ACS Chem Bio, etc., including one ESI “Highly Cited Paper”. And the citation of the papers has reached 4100 times (H-index 35). Besides, the unique TCM systems pharmacology platform developed by Dr. Wang, called TCMSP (, has been used by scientific research institutions in 83 countries and regions. In the past four years, the paper of TCMSP has been cited more than 700 times. Furthermore, by integrating the rich research experiences over the past decades of himself, Dr. Wang wrote a monograph: “Systematic Pharmacology”.


So far, Dr. Wang has won the second prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award, China (No.1), Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Award, China (No.1), and the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, China (No.5). And Dr. Wang was also been selected as a special professor of the “Thousand Talents Program” of Shaanxi Province of China and a new century talent of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Until now, Dr. Wang presides over four projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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