About Special Issues

Aims & Scope

Food Therapy  and Health Care

  Food Therapy and Health Care focuses exclusively on the medical functions and biomedical effects of food based on the guidance of traditional medical theory. The journal targets at promoting health, preventing and treating disease, and accelerate healing. The journal provides a unique venue for physicists, traditional medicine researchers, nutritionists and other food scientists to publish work at the interface of the medical functions and biomedical effects of food.

The journal includes the following topics.

1. Functional foods (such as fungi and their extracts, ginseng, etc.)

2. Medicine food homology

3. Vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other dietary supplements.

4. Intestinal micro-ecology, probiotics, prebiotics

5. Metabolic diseases (diabetes, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia)

6. Obesity

7. Disease diet (diabetes diet, liver disease diet, tumor diet, etc.)

8. Nutrition (nutrition, cachexia, overnutrition, enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition)

9. Vegetarian, apastia, eating disorders

10. Digestive malabsorption

11. Nutritional interventions in preventing disease

12. Nutritional interventions for different constitutional types

13. Diseases of food taboos

14. Safety/Toxicology of functional foods and dietary supplements

15. Qigong, meditation, exercise and other health care and anti-aging methods