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The journal Food Therapy and Health Care (ISSN: 2624-2656) is planning to appoint additional eminent scientists on its Editorial Board. If you are interested, please kindly submit your details like CV and Research interest keywords.

   Food Therapy and Health Care is a quarterly, peer-reviewed open access journal sponsored by TMR publishing group. Its purpose is to promote international communication to gather and report the most up to date and accurate research on medical data mining in basic and clinical research and applications.

The journal includes the following topics.

Functional foods (such as fungi and their extracts, ginseng, etc.)

Medicine food homology

Vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other dietary supplements.

Intestinal micro-ecology, probiotics, prebiotics

Metabolic diseases (diabetes, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia)


Disease diet (diabetes diet, liver disease diet, tumor diet, etc.)

Nutrition (nutrition, cachexia, overnutrition, enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition)

Vegetarian, apastia, eating disorders

Digestive malabsorption

Nutritional interventions in preventing disease

Nutritional interventions for different constitutional types

Diseases of food taboos

Safety/Toxicology of functional foods and dietary supplements

Qigong, meditation, exercise and other health care and anti-aging methods

We cordially invite you join Food Therapy and Health Care Editorial Board. We also humbly request, that you submit an article to be then published in Food Therapy and Health Care. Your Resumes and Manuscripts can be submitted through our online submission system or sent as an e-mail attachment to editorial office:

Thank you for your attention to our invitation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at we look forward to a favorable reply.

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Editorial Office-Food Therapy and Health Care