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2TMR Integrative Medicine  2019, 3: e19014.       DOI: 10.12032/TMRIM201903014
The effect of music therapy on rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy: a meta-analysis
Yu-Hui Ma1, Li-Na Zhang1, Qian Cui1, Xiao-Ming Jin1, Guo-Wei Zhang1, *
1College of Chinese Medicine, Hebei University, Baoding, Hebei Province, China.
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Objective: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of music therapy in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy by systematic review and meta-analysis. Methods: A comprehensive search of China Knowledge Network, Wan fang, VIP database and foreign databases PubMed and Cochrane Library was conducted from the setup of database to March 2019. After reading and screening them carefully, 14 qualified literates were got. Then extracted relevant data, and evaluated the quality and risk bias with Revman5.3.3 software. Results: There is no significant difference between music therapy in improving clinostatism and the ability of rolling over (P > 0.05). However, music therapy has significant difference in improving sitting, running, and jumping movements, and it can also relieve muscle spasm, improve muscle tension and stabilize children’s emotions in the course of treatment and the P values of which were all less than 0.05. Conclusion: The music therapy has a certain effect for the treatment of pediatric cerebral palsy, especially in improving children’s gross and fine motor abilities, which has a certain clinical guiding significance for rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

Key wordsPediatric cerebral palsy      Music therapy      Meta-analysis      Clinical efficacy     
Published: 22 July 2019
Corresponding Authors: Guo-Wei Zhang, College of Chinese Medicine, Hebei University, Baoding, Hebei Province, 071000, China.   
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Yu-Hui Ma, Li-Na Zhang, Qian Cui, Xiao-Ming Jin, Guo-Wei Zhang. The effect of music therapy on rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy: a meta-analysis. 2TMR Integrative Medicine, 2019, 3: e19014.  

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