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Application of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer-related fatigue
Ting Yu, Jin-Lin Wu, Jia Wang, Dong-Xin Tang
2TMR Integrative Medicine    2020, 4: e20001.
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External treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), also known as external treatment of internal diseases, has many advantages, such as simple, easy to operate, cost-effective and so on. Therefore, external treatment of TCM is favored by the majority of medical workers. By consulting the domestic literature reports on the treatment of cancer-related fatigue (CRF), it is found that the external treatment of TCM has a significant effect on the intervention of CRF, and has a good effect on reducing fatigue, improving the quality of life and prolonging the survival time. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the application of several external treatments in this disease, and to provide a variety of references for clinical treatment of CRF.

Quantitative and qualitative comparison of neonatal screening plan for the identification of hypothyroid neonates between Nahavand and Kashmar cities in 2016–2017 (respectively in the west and east of Iran)
Maryam Soori, Sedigheh Soleymani, Samira Tabaei, Manoochehr Solgi
2TMR Integrative Medicine    2020, 4: e20002.
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Background: Congenital hypothyroidism is the result of a reduction in thyroid hormone production or a decrease in the activity of thyroid hormone receptors and is one of the most preventable causes of mental retardation, deafness, and heart problems in the world. This study aimed to compare the prevalence of congenital hypothyroidism between Nahavand in the west of Iran and Kashmar in the east of Iran during the years 2016–2017. Methods: This is a cross-sectional descriptive study on neonates born in April 2016 to March 2018 in two cities of Nahavand and Kashmar. A few drops of blood from a baby's heel in 3–5 birthdays on a special filter paper (S & S903) became blood samples from the pelvic floor were filtered and dried. The valuation of the samples was performed by the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay method by evaluating the thyroid stimulating hormone. Premature infants, underweight (less than 2,500 grams), a weight of over 4 kg, multiple births, or newborns requiring blood transfusions or any newborn needed to be retaken to the test after two weeks. Results: In the city of Nahavand, the incidence of neonatal hypothyroidism in the years 2016 and 2017 were 6.7 and 9.09 per 1,000 live births. And for the city of Kashmar, this number increased to 5.6 and 4.3 per 1,000 births in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The mean rate of participation in the screening program in the first 3–5 days of birth in Nahavand during two years was 2016 and 2017 to 78.7% and in Kashmar about 94%, which indicates the higher participation of Kashmar. In the city of Nahavand, 64.6% of cases of hypothyroidism reported in boys' neonates and 51.5% of male children in the Kashmar city. Conclusion: The results of our survey indicates that the prevalence of hypothyroidism is high in both Kashmar in eastern Iran and Nahavand in western Iran. Especially in Nahavand city of western Iran, where the prevalence of hypothyroidism is higher than global and internal statistics. Further surveys are required to elucidate the role of iodine deficiency and family marriage in the hereafter.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine internally and externally combined with auricular acupuncture point bloodletting in the treatment of vulvar leukoplakia
Yan-Yin Ji, Shu-Ning Liu, Xin Ping, Shao-Kun Qin
2TMR Integrative Medicine    2020, 4: e20003.
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Vulvar leukoplakia refers to the chronic disease of degeneration and hypopigmentation of the skin and mucous membrane of the vulva with unbearable itching in women, seriously affecting the quality of life. The main treatment of western medicine for vulvar leukoplakia is the external use of glucocorticoids or estrogen, resulting to the high recurrence rate and side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has the characteristics of the overall concept and dialectical treatment with a variety of ways. Literature review in recent years found that the treatment of TCM decoction combined with external therapies, such as external fumigation, acupuncture and other treatments, or the combination of TCM decoction and external western medicine hormone ointment, can obtain good effects in vulvar leukoplakia. During the clinical practice, we found that the use of TCM internally and externally combined with auricular acupuncture point bloodletting was highly effective with unique advantages in the treatment of vulvar leukoplakia, providing the ideas guidance for clinicians.

Bioinformatic analysis reveals novel biomarkers and candidate drug compositions in prostate cancer
Yi-Dan Sun, Ying Zhang, Shi-Qi Ren, Zi-Heng Wang, Pei-Ying Yang, Ying-Jie Jia
2TMR Integrative Medicine    2020, 4: e20004.
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As prostate cancer (PC) patients do more and more genome sequencing, we can predict prognosis through individual oncogenic mutations. Although great success have been made to clarify the incidence of PC, the mechanisms was not completely understood. Recurrence and metastasis of PC remains to be resolved, and novel therapeutic targets need to be found urgently. Microarray datasets GSE6919, GSE55945 and GSE46602 about the PC tissues vs. normal organizations, were obtained from Gene Expression Omnibus. In this study, 86 differentially expressed genes were determined having more important clinical significance in the process of PC. 29 hub genes significantly enriched in biological processes were analyzed using Cytoscape. The function of these hub genes included the effect of cellular process, skeletal system development, cholesterol transport, regulation of protein oligomerization and cellular component biogenesis, enzyme inhibitor activity and so on. The three of these hub genes were picked out because of their relationships, which can be used as a potential target for the diagnosis and the direction of therapy. And drug predictions were designed for these candidate target molecules, providing direction for future treatment of PC.

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