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AHNA opens its membership to international nurse practitioners, educators, and researchers

Modern nursing is the Science and Art, very often, sorely focusing on the aspect of science becomes the detriment of the art, and art is what lifts our spirit. Nursing is a healing art, and anything less than that is not worthy of our endeavour. Modern nursing should be the combination of very solid science and a very creative aspect of art. 

Passionate about holistic nursing and complementary and alternative Medicine, Dr Carol Wang and a group of like-minded nurses and other health-related professionals from Australia have established the Australian Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). 

The AHNA is a non-profit association that serves as the definitive voice for registered nurses and other health professionals who practice holistic health. Its primary mission is to illuminate holism in nursing practice, research, and education, act as a body of knowledge for its practitioners, advocate with policymakers and regulatory bodies, and educate Australians on the benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and integrative health care. 

You are welcome to join the association as a member or sponsor. AHNA offers networking opportunities to its members along with continuing nursing education through webinars, self-study programs, publications, conferences, and scholarship and grant opportunities. By becoming a member of the AHNA, you gain access to invaluable resources to your holistic practice.

In order to achieve its vision, which is a world where every nurse is a holistic nurse, AHNA also opens its membership to international nurse practitioners, educators and researchers.  

Some of the benefits of AHNA membership including:

  • Discounted annual and conference registrations and conference proceedings will also be published on the association’s official journal
  • Discounted rate when purchasing online resources
  • Access to many of our educational, research, and clinical resources 
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with your fellow holistic nurses
  • Continuing holistic nursing education 
  • Opportunities to promote your practice, business and events 
You can register your membership with AHNA through clicking the following link, and will be directed to create your account with us to ensure you are maximising all your benefits!

*** The website is currently under maintenance, please be patient if you cannot access it fully at this stage.  

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