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90Life Research  2019, Vol. 2 Issue (1): 45-47    DOI: 10.12032/life2019-0125-001
Revealing the unseen human energy-- scientific understanding of Qigong
Life Research Editorial Group
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According to the earliest historical book in China (Shangshu), during the reign of Emperor Yao more than 4,000 years ago, people in central plains suffered from diseases such as joint pain due to the bad weather. So, they created some unique movements to regulate and improve the bodily functions, such as stretching the body to dissipate heat, curling up the body to keep out the cold. A large number of records in ancient Chinese books showed that Qigong practice was quite popular in ancient times. In particular, the book "Huangdi Neijing" describes in detail the requirements of practicing Qigong and the effect that can make people live longer, which is also known as "Daoyin". In modern age, various types of Qigong are still very popular around the world, such as Taiji Quan (Tai Chi), Baduan Jin, Wuqin Xi, and Six-character Formula in China, Yoga in India, Heka in Egypt and so on.

Published: 20 January 2019
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Life Research Editorial Group. Revealing the unseen human energy-- scientific understanding of Qigong. 90Life Research, 2019, 2(1): 45-47.


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