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90Life Research  2019, Vol. 2 Issue (3): 106-112    DOI: 10.12032/life2019-0725-303
Empirical six-dimensional framework for slowing and reversing ageing using modern science and ancient wisdom
Asoka Nimal Jinadasa1,*()
1Intrinsic Leadership Academy, Sri Lanka.
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There are numerous published theories that cover the different biological processes relating to ageing. No one seems to have integrated such complex and seemingly unrelated information into a holistic framework that explains in simple terms the key aspects of ageing and provides a set of daily practices for staying young and healthy. An attempt is made here to select a 6-dimensional framework symbolized by heart, mind, passion, focus, body and health, and correlate it to the mental, emotional, physical and health aspects of ageing. Based on grounded theory, this paper empirically correlates 30 practical methods that can be used to develop all six dimensions, with 18 key factors that were found to influence ageing: Neurogenesis; Epigenetic reprogramming; Removing dying cells; Mitochondria resuscitation; Calorie restriction; Plant-based diet; Regular physical activity; Chi Kung (Qigong); Overcoming anxiety, depression and stress; Positive mind-set; Some worrying; Vitamins and minerals; L-Theanine; Omega-3 and healthy fats; Coenzyme Q-10; Pyrroloquinoline quinone; Nitric oxide; Choline. In this study, 26 references were used to establish that all 18 of these seemingly unrelated key anti-ageing factors can be developed using 30 daily practices derived from the 6-dimensional framework. These simple daily practices can help people of all ages to stay young and healthy, and help older people who are living alone to self-improve their quality of life without needing anyone to look after them. Since many anti-ageing drugs seem to be ineffective, this study provides a holistic new research direction for using modern science and ancient human energy practices combined with wholesome nutrition to slow ageing and age-related illnesses.

Key wordsSlowing ageing      Reversing ageing      Age-related illnesses      Prolonging youth      Improving health      Alzheimer’s     
Published: 25 July 2019
Corresponding Authors: Nimal Jinadasa Asoka   
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Asoka Nimal Jinadasa. Empirical six-dimensional framework for slowing and reversing ageing using modern science and ancient wisdom. 90Life Research, 2019, 2(3): 106-112.


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Fig 1. This six-dimensional framework symbolized by heart, mind, passion, focus, body and health is used to develop 30 simple anti-ageing practices that cover all key aspects of ageing.
Table 1 Correlation between the 30 daily practices and 18 key factors that slow the ageing process, supported by a relevant reference for each correlation.
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