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90Life Research  2019, Vol. 2 Issue (4): 137-144    DOI: 10.12032/life2019-1025-201
A case report about a new frequency-code therapy of type 2 diabetes for 12 days
Yurii Pozniak1,*()
1Private Laboratory of Advanced Studies, Head Lab Science of Human Life-Stop Aging.
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The mainstay of type 2 diabetes treatment used to be blood glucose control in order to prevent or delay the development of various diabetic complications. On September 1, 2018, one of our patients was diagnosed with several serious illnesses: type 2 diabetes, 3 degrees of obesity, arterial hypertension, peripheral vascular atherosclerosis of the lower extremities with swelling of the shins and feet, fatty hepatosis and metabolic syndrome since June 2019. The patient was restricted in movement due to excessive body weight, shortness of breath and joint pain. Conventional medical methods did not work well for him, so the prognosis is very poor. In this case, we used a new frequency-code therapy which could transmit the signal into the patient's brain by the method of frequency code influence to cure diabetes and associated diseases, restore the patient's body and improve his living quality. According to our forecasts in September 2018 the treatment of acquired diseases and the restoration of the patient's body to a viable level, with the help of our technology, may take more a year. Carrying out step-by-step noninvasive treatment by the method of frequency-code influence on the patient's brain we received positive results at each stage of treatment which together gave a complex positive result in ridding the patient of acquired diseases and restoring his body to the level of active life-activity without restrictions. Now the patient does not follow a diet and enjoys physical activity. No side effects were observed. The human body is unique, even in adulthood, the protective functions of the body are able to defeat the most complex diseases without damage to the body. To do this need to activate the "sleeping protective mechanism" of the body or translate the "healthy memory of the brain" in the period of active resistance to premature age-related diseases.

Key wordsTreatment of diabetes mellitus      Arterial hypertension      Atherosclerosis      Weight loss      Rejuvenation     
Received: 02 October 2019      Published: 24 October 2019
Corresponding Authors: Pozniak Yurii   
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Yurii Pozniak. A case report about a new frequency-code therapy of type 2 diabetes for 12 days. 90Life Research, 2019, 2(4): 137-144.


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Fig. 1 Original medical records of type-2 diabetes mellitus patient.

(A) Analysis of the level of glucose in the blood of the patient 31.5 mmol/l. (B) Laboratory recording shows blood glucose and time measurements, recording page of September 30, October 1, 2, and 3. The letter "t" means a control time in 24 hours. On October 1, the patient's blood glucose was 5.3 mmol/l in 9/00; in 16 hours, the blood glucose level decreased to 2.9 mmol/l; in 16.05-2.7 mmol/l; in 16.15-0.8 mmol/l; in 16.20-5.1 mmol/l; in 16.30-5.4 mmol/l, etc.

Fig. 2 Weight of patients before and after treatment.

(A) patient photo September 3, 2019. (B) patient photo in April 2015.

Fig. 3 The results of a patient's urine analysis august 29, 2019
Fig. 4 Photo-fixing the color change of the patient's hair from white to black.
Fig. 5 Comparison of the patient's leg before and after treatment.

(A) The photo shows of the foot after the edema has gone. (B) The photo of the lower leg of the left leg. (C) The photo of the lower leg of the right leg. (D) The condition of the skin of the shin of the right leg on September 3, 2019. (E) The patient’s lower leg lesion by atherosclerosis of peripheral blood vessel.

1.   Celia H-R, Annie S. G, Kristine M. M, et al. Brief local application of progesterone via a wearable bioreactor induces long-term regenerative response in adult xenopus hindlimb. Cell Reports, 2018; 25: 1593-1609.e7.
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