Call for papers

We sincerely invite you to contribute a paper for our special issue 'Aging Research' published by the Life Research journal. This special issue aims to promote the advanced research results of Anti-aging Therapy. The submission deadline for this issue is July 10, 2019. All papers accepted for publication in this special issue will be exempt from any publication fees.

We will accept original research papers, reviews, hypothesis, letters, comments and news on art therapy related studiessuch as geriatric diseases, anti-aging therapy and mechanisms of aging. Peer-review is commissioned immediately upon receipt of the manuscript. More details of the Format guide could be available at

Submit your next manuscript and benefit from:

High visibility and wide dissemination, especially in China.

Global reach and discoverability via TMR promotional platform.

Open access and no editing charges.

Editorial Summaries, presenting your research to the wider community, written to encourage greater public engagement and appeal to the general population.

Contributors with excellent papers may be selected as editorial board members, and given a bonus.

Our editorial team holds rigorous professional standards toward scholarly publishing and strives to provide a fast and efficient service to the global scientific community. The “Guide to Authors” can be found at
More details regarding our editorial process and the journal quality control are available at
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the editorial office at


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