Chinese maglev artificial heart has completed seven successful operations

Heart failure has always been a difficult problem for the medical community. In China alone, there are more than 10 million patients with heart failure, who have to receive heart transplantation in order to maintain their normal life. However, only 300 hearts can be provided every year (Chinese data). In patients with heart failure, there is a dysfunction in the cardiac vasodilatory function, which cannot normally power the blood. In addition to waiting for a well-matched heart, there is a high chance of rejection after a transplant and having to rely on drugs to keep the body functioning normally.

  In fact, the medical community has been working on artificial hearts since the 1950s. At the very beginning, the artificial bionic heart had various problems in terms of shape and structure design, volume and material according to the original human heart. Today's maglev artificial heart took decades to evolve. As a matter of fact, the number of the second generation artificial heart pumps we use is relatively large, but this generation of products has some serious problems due to the mechanical structure. For example its mechanical bearings after a long period of operation, prone to heat, will also appear wear conditions, easy to destroy the blood cells, easy to form hemolysis and thrombosis.

  Magnetic suspension bearings, however, can realize contactless suspension supports between rotors, eliminating mechanical friction and wear at the bearing. Meanwhile, rapid blood transport speed also reduces the damage of foreign bodies to blood. In addition to China, the United States, Japan and other countries are also developing such products, but China has taken the lead this time.

  Chinese self-developed magnetic levitation artificial heart consists of four parts: blood pump, driving device, monitoring system and battery.It is only 26 millimeters thick, 50 millimeters in diameter and weighs less than 180 grams, is the most widely watched artificial heart in the world. Chen Chen, CEO of Suzhou medical device technology co., LTD., is a leader in the development of total magnetic levitation artificial heart, which has been studied for nearly 30 years.

  It is reported Sheng-shou Hu (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) leading China's first maglev artificial heart all implants, up to now, the our country independent innovation development of the whole maglev artificial heart, has been successfully completed surgery, 7 cases of clinical trials, humanitarian relief operation in 4 cases, is about to enter the stage of popularization and application. Relevant data show that the new artificial heart implantation has excellent performance in infection risk prevention and control, device reliability, blood compatibility and other performance.


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