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9TMR Non-Drug Therapy  2019, Vol. 2 Issue (3): 78-84    DOI: 10.12032/TMRND201902008
Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy     
Advances in the application of acupuncture in military first aid
Cheng-Li Sun1, Hui-Lin Tao1, Shi-Fei Chen1, Wen Lu1, Jing Xiao2,*()
1Department of General Medicine, Shanghai Baoshan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Shanghai 201900, China
2Department of Rehabilitation, Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201910, China.
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Acupuncture plays an important role in acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, sports injuries, acute pain, and other emergencies. It can alleviate pain quickly, reduce the sequels of training -related injuries, and improve the prognosis.

Editor’s Summary

In the future, acupuncture will play an important role in emergency medical treatment, which is worthy of clinical promotion.


Acupuncture has a long history in China and has played an important role in military medical treatment since ancient times. Acupuncture therapy has been gradually popularized in the armies of various countries. It not only alleviates tissue damage of acute cardio-cerebrovascular injury but also can relieve all types of pain. However, compared with its rising popularity abroad, insufficient attention has been devoted to acupuncture in first aid domestically. Military health care has also ignored its potential value. The implementation of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine can relieve pain better and faster. Acupuncture can reduce the sequels of training-related injuries, and further improve the level of military medical security. It is significant for the establishment of an emergency medical system and the development of traditional medical techniques.

Key wordsTCM      First aid      Acupuncture      Military training      Sports injury     
Received: 16 February 2019      Published: 04 September 2019
Corresponding Authors: Xiao Jing   
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Cheng-Li Sun, Hui-Lin Tao, Shi-Fei Chen, Wen Lu, Jing Xiao. Advances in the application of acupuncture in military first aid. 9TMR Non-Drug Therapy, 2019, 2(3): 78-84. doi: 10.12032/TMRND201902008

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