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TMR Non-Drug Therapy is an international peer-reviewed, Open Access journal. It is dedicated to report the research progress and discusses the idea and method in the natural therapies to regulate the organism's disorders which aim to contribute to human health, including acupuncture, cupping, exercise and behavior therapy, physical and mental therapy, massage, moxibustion and other therapy on non-drug treatments around the world. It set up basic research, clinical research, case reports, review and theoretical discussion. It seeks to promote international communication focusing on the latest developments, trends, experiences and achievements on non-drug therapy in clinical practice and scientific research. 


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TMR Non-Drug Therapy has been included in DOAJ, ScienceOpen, China Science and Technology Journal Database (CSTJ), and Google Scholar.

About non-drug therapy

It is very important to protect human beings from the toxic and side effects of drugs. Non-drug therapy, it is also said as natural therapy, focus on natural therapy to play the body's regulatory capacity to achieve disease relief and cure. It aims to maintain and restore health by applying materials and methods directly related to human life, such as food, air, water, sunshine, gymnastics, sleep, rest and mental factors beneficial to health, such as hope and belief, etc. It mainly including acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation, psychology, meditation, martial arts, breathing exercise, yoga, diet and nutrition therapy, physiotherapy therapy, magnet therapy, radiotherapy, electrotherapy and otherelse non-drug therapy around the world.

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In 2019, articles processing charges and submission charges are free. All accepted papers will be published free-of-charge. 

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