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92Psychosomatic Medicine Research  2019, Vol. 1 Issue (2): 39-43    DOI: 10.12032/psmr2019-0920-010
Research Progress in "Person-centered" Nursing
Yuan Jia1, Meng-Ya Jing1, Si-Yuan Yang1, Li-Min Guo1, Fan-Jie Meng2*, Xiang-Jie Wang3
1Graduate School of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, China. 2Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese
Medicine, Tianjin, China. 3Weifang Medical University, Shandong, China.
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This paper reviews the research progress of “person-centered” nursing, and provides reference for the development of “person-centered” nursing in China. Currently, foreign scales have been developed to measure “person-centered” nursing, such as Individualized Care Scale, P-CA, Assess Health Care Providers’ Implementation of Patient-Cen, Person-centered Critical Care Nursing and Human-based Perioperative Care Scale. The “Person-centered” nursing model has been widely used in clinical nursing and nursing management. Studies have shown that “person-centered” nursing can improve patient' satisfaction and promote the physical and mental health of patients. At the same time, the combination of “person-centered” nursing and teaching promotes the innovation of medical education medicine, and its combination with architecture promotes the progress of hospital construction. Future research should focus on the overall layout of hospitals and wards, use more holistic means of psychosomatic medicine to set up more comprehensive humanistic concepts such as accompanying family members area, improve the breadth and depth of humanistic nursing field, and promote the development of humanistic nursing in China.

Key wordsPerson-centered      Nursing      Research progress     
Published: 19 September 2019
Fund:  The study were supported by grants from the 9th University Student Science and Technology Innovation Fund of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CXJJ2019YD09).
Corresponding Authors: Fan-Jie Meng, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, China.    
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Yuan Jia, Meng-Ya Jing, Si-Yuan Yang, Li-Min Guo, Fan-Jie Meng, Xiang-Jie Wang. Research Progress in "Person-centered" Nursing. 92Psychosomatic Medicine Research, 2019, 1(2): 39-43.


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