Join our editorial board

We would like to invite you to be an Editorial Board Member/Reviewer for the newly launched journal Psychosomatic Medicine Research (ISSN 2624-3687). We need support and guidance from experts in different fields to gather and deliver relevant, trustworthy and significant Psychosomatic Medicine Research.

   Psychosomatic Medicine Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed open access journal. Psychosomatic Medicine Research focuses on the following areas:  psychotherapy, clinical medicine, psychology, artificial intelligence, tissue engineering, human chemistry, and artistic aesthetics.

   Kindly send us your Resume and Photograph for our Editorial office. Your Resumes and Manuscripts could be submitted through e-mail:

Benefits being an editor/reviewer

      1. The editorial board member has opportunities to promote any information related to scientific research on all of TMR publicity platforms. TMR publishing group has many international media and Chinese platforms. We can also translate your research results into Chinese and then disseminate them on Chinese news websites if you wish.

      2. Members of the editorial board will get an appointment certificate and a column page for personal achievements on journal websites.

      3. Your contributions will be prioritized for online publication (AOP), provided a quick review channel (completed within two weeks), and free of all publishing costs while in office.

      4. TMR publishing group selects excellent editorial board members according to their work and gives a reward.

Role as an editor/reviewer

     1. Predict the development trend of life science, point out research hotspots and guide work, construction and development of Psychosomatic Medicine Research.

     2. Provide or recommend at least one high-quality manuscript (Research article, Review or Hypothesis) to the journal every year based on your own situation.

     3. Actively participate in the manuscript review and reply to the review comments as soon as possible (within 2 weeks).

     4. Take an active part in the promotion of journals by using your own advantages or other platform advantages to spread the articles and knowledge.

     5. The term of an editorial board member shall be a two years renewable term with specific duties to be appropriately determined by Performance Assessing Score System. Those with lower scores will be disqualified depending on circumstances.


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