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Traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of coronavirus disease 2019: a review
Huan-Tian Cui, Yu-Ting Li, Li-Ying Guo, Xiang-Guo Liu, Lu-Shan Wang, Jian-Wei Jia, Jia-Bao Liao, Jing Miao, Zhai-Yi Zhang, Li Wang, Hong-Wu Wang, Wei-Bo Wen
1Traditional Medicine Research    2020, 5 (2): 65-73.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMR20200222165
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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has recently become a public health concern worldwide. The use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) may have substantial impact on COVID-19. In this review, we summarize the disease pathogenesis, clinical outcomes, and current applications of TCM for the treatment of COVID-19.


The pathogenesis and clinical symptoms related to severe respiratory disease were described many years ago in TCM texts. The ancient book of TCM Huang Di Nei Jing (Inner Canon of Huangdi) was written during the Western Han Dynasty of China (dated approximately 99 B.C.E.-26 B.C.E.); the text recorded a plague that could transmit disease from human-to-human with symptoms that were similar to those described for COVID-19. Three additional texts, notably Shang Han Za Bing Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases) written by Zhang Zhongjing (200 C.E.-210 C.E.), Wen Yi Lun (Theory of Plague) and Wen Re Lun (Translated Theory of Warm) written by Wu Youke (1642 C.E.), recorded therapies and formulas that were effective at treating infectious diseases; among them, the classical prescription Da Yuan Yin and the use of human variolation were considered as means to prevent smallpox. Currently, the use of TCM has resulted in remarkable improvement and alleviation of symptoms in COVID-19 patients.


Since late December in 2019, the coronavirus disease 2019 has received extensive attention for its widespread prevalence. A number of clinical workers and researchers have made great efforts to understand the pathogenesis and clinical characteristics and develop effective drugs for treatment. However, no effective drugs with antiviral effects on severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 have been discovered currently. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has gained abundant experience in the treatment of infectious diseases for thousands of years. In this review, the authors summarized the clinical outcome, pathogensis and current application of TCM on coronavirus disease 2019. Further, we discussed the potential mechanisms and the future research directions of TCM against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

Sleep Paralysis - Cultural Significance and Its Management
Javed Ather Siddiqui, Shazia Farheen Qureshi, Abdul Khaliq Alghamdi, Waseem M Marei
92Psychosomatic Medicine Research    2019, 1 (2): 19-25.   https://doi.org/10.12032/psmr2019-0920-007
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Sleep paralysis (SP) is a benign, transient episode of immobility and it lasts a few seconds to a few minutes. It can occur while falling asleep or on awakening. It is a condition of unknown etiology and all the skeletal muscles are almost ‘paralyzed’. It leads to an inability to speak or move but individual remains conscious. This review summarizes the existential clinical literature on sleep paralysis most relevant to practitioners; also summarizes the many historical and artistic manifestations of SP in different cultures. It also throws light on the available Arabic literature and others as per the aim of the review. For this review, literature search using engines was carried out, and review papers and original research articles were analyzed. We will start with a review which summarizes the collection of symptoms, prevalence rate, risk factors and etiological theories, characteristics and classification of the SP over the past years up to the present time, also the management in the form of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy as well as the cultural significances in different countries. SP plays an important role in the genesis and maintenance of many supernatural beliefs such as nocturnal alien abductions, demonic and ghost attacks in individuals with intact reality testing.
经典中医研究    2020, 3 (2): 23-29.   https://doi.org/10.12032/CCMR20200201
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A case report about a new frequency-code therapy of type 2 diabetes for 12 days
Yurii Pozniak
90Life Research    2019, 2 (4): 137-144.   https://doi.org/10.12032/life2019-1025-201
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The mainstay of type 2 diabetes treatment used to be blood glucose control in order to prevent or delay the development of various diabetic complications. On September 1, 2018, one of our patients was diagnosed with several serious illnesses: type 2 diabetes, 3 degrees of obesity, arterial hypertension, peripheral vascular atherosclerosis of the lower extremities with swelling of the shins and feet, fatty hepatosis and metabolic syndrome since June 2019. The patient was restricted in movement due to excessive body weight, shortness of breath and joint pain. Conventional medical methods did not work well for him, so the prognosis is very poor. In this case, we used a new frequency-code therapy which could transmit the signal into the patient's brain by the method of frequency code influence to cure diabetes and associated diseases, restore the patient's body and improve his living quality. According to our forecasts in September 2018 the treatment of acquired diseases and the restoration of the patient's body to a viable level, with the help of our technology, may take more a year. Carrying out step-by-step noninvasive treatment by the method of frequency-code influence on the patient's brain we received positive results at each stage of treatment which together gave a complex positive result in ridding the patient of acquired diseases and restoring his body to the level of active life-activity without restrictions. Now the patient does not follow a diet and enjoys physical activity. No side effects were observed. The human body is unique, even in adulthood, the protective functions of the body are able to defeat the most complex diseases without damage to the body. To do this need to activate the "sleeping protective mechanism" of the body or translate the "healthy memory of the brain" in the period of active resistance to premature age-related diseases.

A systematic summary of natural compounds in Radix Glycyrrhizae
Ming Yang, Yi Jin, Li-Ping Yang
Traditional Medicine Research    2018, 3 (2): 82-94.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMR201810067
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This study provides a basis for further study on molecular mechanisms of anti-inflammatory, phlegm-expelling, cough- and pain-relieving activities of Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae).

Editor’s Summary

Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) was first recorded in Shennongbencaojing, which was published in the third century A.D. (Han Dynasty of China).


Objective: To accumulate data from studies on the compounds identified from Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae, GC), and then systematically summarize and classify these compounds according to their structural characteristics. Methods: Five databases (CNKI, VIP, Wanfang data, CBM, and Pubmed) were used to search for studies on the chemical structure of compounds from GC. The retrieval time of the respective databases was from their inception to March 2016. According to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the papers were carefully screened, and the data were extracted. Results: A total of 653 compounds from GC were collated from 252 articles, including flavonols (n = 201) belonging to 10 subgroups, terpenes and saponins (n = 167), coumarins (n = 30) belonging to 3 subgroups, aliphatics (n = 206), aromatics (n = 35), and others (n = 14). The flavones, represented by liquiritin and liquiritigenin, were the most reported compounds isolated from GC, followed by terpenes and saponins such as glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid. Conclusion: The more than 600 natural compounds in GC may be responsible for GC’s anti-inflammatory, phlegm-expelling, cough- and pain-relieving activities.

经典中医研究    2018, 1 (1): 5-8.   https://doi.org/10.12032/CCMR20180102
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吴门验方 “ 阳和散结汤 ” 治疗乳腺癌理论浅析
成艳丽 彭涛 张国华
经典中医研究    2018, 1 (1): 9-12.   https://doi.org/10.12032/CCMR20180103
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乳腺癌是女性最高发的恶性肿瘤,其发病率逐年上升,严重危害女性身心健康。吴雄志教授从事中医临床工作近 20 年,对肿瘤疾病有深刻的认识,所拟吴门验方 阳和散结汤 注重乳腺癌的病因与病位,采用中西汇通的思想,提高了对乳腺癌的治疗效果。
The applications of Bayesian models in real-world studies of traditional Chinese medicine: a primer
Zhai Jing-Bo, Li Jiang, Chen Jing
Traditional Medicine Research    2017, 2 (2): 88-93.   https://doi.org/10.12032/TMR201706042
Abstract ( 641 HTML PDF (244KB) ( 1056 )  


Real-world study is valuable for traditional Chinese medicine. However, there are no gold standards of statistical approaches for analyzing data from real-world study of traditional Chinese medicine. In the present study, we discussed why and when to use Bayesian analysis and the challenge in the real-world study of traditional Chinese medicine.


Real-world study is valuable for traditional Chinese medicine. However, there are no gold standards of statistical approaches for analyzing data from real-world study of traditional Chinese medicine. With the development of computer technology, researchers have increasingly paid attention to Bayesian statistics in the biomedical field. In present study, real-world study and Bayesian statistics were introduced. It was discussed that why and when to use Bayesian analysis and the challenge in the real-world study of traditional Chinese medicine.

柴苓汤治疗 2 例儿童支原体肺炎的观察
经典中医研究    2019, 2 (1): 14-17.   https://doi.org/10.12032/CCMR20190104
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目的 : 使用小柴胡汤合上五苓散(柴苓汤)治疗支原体肺炎。方法 : 小柴胡汤和解少阳枢机,五苓散通调三焦水道,从水液输布代谢链治疗支原体肺炎。结果 :2 例支原体肺炎患儿使用柴苓汤后,体温恢复正常,肌体不适感消除。结论 : 柴苓汤治疗支原体引发的儿童高热、咳嗽、肺炎疗效确切,合方有效
林心然, 李元文, 李姝燏, 翟玉燕, 蔡玲玲
经典中医研究    2019, 2 (2): 40-43.   https://doi.org/10.12032/CCMR20190205
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玫瑰痤疮是以肺经风热,脾经湿热为主之皮肤病,治疗上以疏风散热,健脾祛湿为主要 原则,辅以清热解毒、活血祛瘀,疗效显著。