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After several years of development, TMR Publishing Group has become an international publishing group with growing reputation and influence in the field of traditional Chinese medicine research.TMR Publishing Group currently publishes eight online journals. Our journals cover a wide range of topics, including traditional medicine, integrated nursing, integrated medicine, modern medicine, cancer research, non-drug treatment, medical hypothesis and other research areas.


The TMR Publishing Group platform will provide:

· A platform, which will allow members direct communication with various Chinese medicine research institutions and Chinese medicine professionals.

· A targeted space to share clinical experiences with global Chinese medicine research institutions.

· Access to famous international traditional Chinese medicine Doctors and research institutions.

· Opportunity for members to promote the development of Chinese medicine research globally.


Member Advantages:

1. TMR membership certificate.

2. Experts who become members are given priority to be the editors of TMR journals.

3. Members who wish to publish an article will be given review priority.

4. Updates about the activities of member organisations can be published on the official website of TMR Publishing Group.

5. Member organizations can be selected as a member of the TMR Advisory Committee.

6. Opportunity to participate in the development of traditional medical research standards.


Membership conditions:

1. Voluntarily join this member free of charge.

2. Support the work of TMR Publishing Group by actively participating in membership activities.

3. The member institution shall be an educational institution, research institution, social organization and related institutions legally registered domestically or internationally.


Publishing Group website:

Contact: Nuoxi Pi

Tel.: +8615704601021


Please refer to the attachment for the application form download (please send the application form and the logo image of the institution to the e-mail as an attachment.)

Download the application form


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