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1Traditional Medicine Research
Mar. 2019, Volume 4, Number 2.

1Traditional Medicine Research
Jan. 2019, Volume 4, Number 1.


New Articles

Annual advances of integrative pharmacology in 2018

Ke-Wu Zeng

1Traditional Medicine Research. 2019 Vol. 4 (2): 56-67

DOI: 10.12032/TMR20190304106

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Advances in research on the anticancer mechanism of the natural compound cucurbitacin from Cucurbitaceae plants: a review

Jing Liang, Dan Chen

1Traditional Medicine Research. 2019 Vol. 4 (2): 68-81

DOI: 10.12032/TMR20190225102

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The effect of long-term traditional Chinese medicine treatment on disease-free survival of postoperative stage I-III lung cancer patients: a retrospective cohort study

Su-Tong Liu, Su-Fang Zhang, Kai-Qi Su, Ying-Bin Luo, Zhi-Hong Fang, Yuan Fang, Jing Xu, Jian-Chun Wu, Yan Li

1Traditional Medicine Research. 2019 Vol. 4 (2): 91-98

DOI: 10.12032/TMR20190225099

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