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Nov. 2019, Volume 4, Number 6.

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Proceedings of the 2019 Euro-Asia Conference on Environment and CSR: Tourism, Society and Education Session (Part I) August 25-26, 2019 Freiberg, Germany
Editor: Sheng Xiaohong & Zhang Yanling
ISBN: 978-0-9951320-4-7
2020 Annual conference on Traditional & Plant Medicine (Dubai UAE)


Nei Jing Xuan Cui (内经选萃)
Language: Chinese
Author: Xiong-Zhi Wu
ISBN: 978-0-9951320-0-9
Shang Han Qi Tan (伤寒奇谈)
Language: Chinese
Author: Xiong-Zhi Wu
ISBN: 978-0-473-50305-5

New Articles

The role of acidic microenvironment in the tumor aggressive phenotypes and the treatment

Jian Hao

1Traditional Medicine Research. 2020 Vol. 5 (1): 4-6

DOI: 10.12032/TMR20191231153

Abstract  HTML  PDF (743KB)

Complementary and alternative medicine applications in cancer medicine

Milena Jurisevic, Sergey Bolevich

1Traditional Medicine Research. 2020 Vol. 5 (1): 7-21

DOI: 10.12032/TMR20190728127

Abstract  HTML  PDF (443KB)

Research hotspot and frontier progress of cancer under the background of precision medicine

Li-Hong Zhou, Yan Li, Qi Li

1Traditional Medicine Research. 0 Vol. (): 22-33

DOI: 10.12032/TMR20190225101

Abstract  PDF (472KB)

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