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1Traditional Medicine Research  2019, Vol. 4 Issue (4): 213-221    DOI: 10.12032/TMR20190622123
Special Issue on Integrative Surgery     
Artificial tiger bone powder for improving the quality of life in elderly patients with fracture
Li-You Wei1, Hong-Wei Zhang1,*(), Jin-Zeng Zuo1, Su-Miao Xu2
1The Second Hospital of Tangshan (Orthopaedic Hospital Affiliated to North China University of Science and Technology), Tangshan, 063000, China.
2Tangjiazhuang Hospital of Kailuan (Group) Limited Liability Corporation, Tangshan, 063000, China.
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The early administration of artificial tiger bone powder after distal radius fracture promotes the healing of fracture, recovery of wrist joint function, and ultimately improve the quality of life in elderly patients.


Tiger bone has been used as a rare traditional medicinal product in ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia for hundreds of years. The earliest record about the usage of tiger bones as a medicine is in the ancient book of Chinese medicine Ming Yi Bie Lu published in Han Dynasty of China (184 C.E.- 220 C.E.). After that, there were many traditional Chinese medicine ancient books recorded that tiger bone had the effect of analgesia, eliminating wind to dispersing cold and strengthening bone. Presently, however, tiger bone use has been banned internationally and in China as a protected species. The artificial tiger bone powder is extracted from non-protected animal bones by modern bionic technology, and has almost the same composition as natural tiger bone.


Objective: To investigate the application of artificial tiger bone powder on fracture healing time, wrist functional recovery and quality of life (QOL) in elderly patients with distal radius fracture. Methods: The study was a randomised controlled trials performed from January 2015 to December 2016 in a hospital. Elderly patients with distal radius fracture were divided into the treatment and the control groups by the random sealed envelope method. All patients were given splint or plaster fixation after manipulative reduction, and functional exercise, the treatment group was also given artificial tiger bone powder orally (trade name: Jintiange capsule), the control group was given an oral placebo in their appearance and usage identical with the treatment group. Prior to treatment and 6, 12 months after treatment, the wrist function was assessed by range of motion, including flexion-extension, radial-ulnar and pronation-supination, and the QOL was assessed by the Mos 36-item Short Form Health Survey. Each patient's fracture healing time was recorded. Results: Before treatment, there were no significant differences in wrist function and QOL between the two groups. At 6 and 12 months after treatment, the wrist function and QOL in the treatment group were better than those in the control group, the differences were statistically significant (P < 0.05). The fracture healing time in the treatment group was shorter than that of the control group, and the difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05). Conclusion: The early usage of artificial tiger bone powder for elderly patients with distal radius fracture can promote the healing of fracture, recovery of wrist joint function, and ultimately improve the QOL for elderly patients.

Key wordsArtificial tiger bone powder      Elderly people      Distal radius fracture      Wrist function      Quality of life     
Published: 05 July 2019
Fund:  This work was supported by Science and Technology Support Project of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration (No. 2019210).
Corresponding Authors: Hong-Wei Zhang   
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Li-You Wei, Hong-Wei Zhang, Jin-Zeng Zuo, Su-Miao Xu. Artificial tiger bone powder for improving the quality of life in elderly patients with fracture. 1Traditional Medicine Research, 2019, 4(4): 213-221. doi: 10.12032/TMR20190622123


Figure 1 Flow diagram of this randomized controlled trials
Group Gender
Fracture healing time
M/F L/R A/B/C Plaster/splint Fall/traffic/other
Control (n = 38) 12/26 69.16 ± 4.56 17/21 6/13/19 11/27 32/4/2 12.82 ± 1.51
Treatment (n = 38) 15/23 68.64 ± 4.52 20/18 7/15/16 13/25 34/3/1 11.47 ± 1.68
x2 /t/ Z, P value x2 = 0.517 t = 0.425 x2 = 0.474 Z = -0.649 x2 = 0.244 x2 = 0.537 t = 3.473
P = 0.472 P = 0.673 P = 0.491 P = 0.516 P = 0.622 P = 0.765 P < 0.001
Table 1 Baseline demographics and fracture healing time
Note: M/F: Male/Female; L/R: Left/Right; AO-type: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen type; A: Extra articular fractures; B: Partial intra-articular fractures; C: Complete intra-articular fracture.
Figure 2 Comparison of wrist ROM
A: Flexion-extension; B: Radial-ulnar; C: Pronation-supination. Unit of wrist ROM is showed as percentage (%)
Figure 3 Comparison of SF-36
Unit of project of SF-36 is score. PF: Physical functioning; RP: Role limitations due to physical health problems; BP: Bodily pain; GH: General health; VT: Vitality; SF: Social functioning; RE: Role limitations caused by emotional problems; MH: Mental health.
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